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Monday, July 21 2008  
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Written by Lori Stancill   
Monday, 24 October 2005

My nephews, Danny and Barney, and my niece, Gina, always help me rake the leaves. First we rake them into big trash bags, then they take the bags and empty them at the curb, where a leaf removal truck comes to pick them up. The truck is coming next week, so this weekend we were all outside raking. When we were finished for the day, we had raked enough leaves to fill 5 huge bags.

Danny and Barney saw a chance to make some money.

"Hey aunty, I will take the bags to the curb if you pay me 10 cents a bag." said Danny.

"That sounds fair" I said.

"Wait, Aunty!" said Barney. "You haven't heard my offer yet. How about I charge you a nickel for the first bag, 2 nickels for the second bag, 3 nickels for the 3rd bag, 4 nickels for the 4th bag and 5 nickels for the 5th bag."


Hmm…. What do you think%3f Which boy is offering me the better deal on this job%3f

Use your estimation skills to predict which boy might be offering the better deal before beginning. 

Which boy would be offering the best deal if there were 10 bags of leaves%3f 

Is there ever a point where the cost would be the same for both boys for a specific number of bags%3f

DuPage Children’s Museum, 2003

Where is the Math%3f

·        estimation

·        problem solving

·        developing fluency using  mathematical operations

·        solving equations


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