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Friday, 29 April 2005

NC-PIMS is a partnership-driven initiative with a commitment to the quality, quantity and diversity of teachers, to challenging mathematics courses and curricula for students and teachers, and to supporting institutional sustainability within a framework of evidence-based outcomes.

As a joint effort between four partner institutions of The University of North Carolina System, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and it's twelve school district partners. NC-PIMS provides professional development for teachers; the engagement of professional scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians (STEMs); the support of District Leadership Teams; and the delivery of student encouragement activities. All of these efforts lead toward improved mathematics achievement for all students and closing the achievement gaps among subpopulations of students.

To help school districts increase student learning of mathematics while decreasing current achievement gaps, NC-PIMS has three foci:

  • District Leadership
    To promote policies and district leadership that support high quality mathematics instruction, continuous education reform requires everyone to work in partnership with each other. With the establishment of District Leadership Teams in partner districts NC-PIMS brings school and community leaders together to integrate the project within district reform efforts and align their resources and activities to support student achievement in mathematics.

  • Professional Development for Mathematics Teachers
    NC-PIMS facilitates 12 hours of professional development annually for all mathematics teachers in the partner districts. By hiring full-time Facilitators to deliver professional development NC-PIMS is able to work with Schools to identify curriculum needs and guide professional development. Professional development opportunities support teachers seeking mathematics certification, teachers with an interest in enriching their knowledge of mathematics and teachers who are interested in assuming leadership roles to improve K-12 mathematics.

  • Student Encouragement / Parental Involvement
    Community-based programs target PK-8 students and their parents/guardians in each district to encourage students to remain engaged in mathematics learning. Student programs focus on mathematics performance and programs for parents and guardians encourage them to become advocates and active participants in their children’s education.


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